Wednesday, March 30, 2011

VU Recap

Hello to our worldwide friends and fans- We've done a terrible job of keeping you up to date. I'd say that we won't let it happen again, but... we might. Let us itemize:

1. We went to Europe in November. We were excellent, and so were the audiences- check out the video above.

We ate too much, but, we drank just enough. Of all the pleasures that were had, there was none greater than welcoming Vin Gordon (Skatalites/Wailers trombone) into the open arms of the Void Union. Only the Netherlands and Belgium were blessed with this musical treat, but, we hope to spread Vin's magic to all of the world's corners soon enough. Stay tuned for some copiously censored video footage.

2. We've been working on a record forever, but, this time its really almost finished.

Higher Guns is headed to mastering this month, or maybe next month, or maybe June, but... certainly no later than that... maybe. But, we'll release it this year.

This thing rules. We have guest appearances by members of the Slackers and The English Beat, Obi Fernandez and King Django, Angelo from Fishbone, and so many more. It was recorded in houses, apartments, world class studios, project studios,green rooms, rehearsal spaces and even a fucking airplane.

If you've yet to check out "Revenge Ska", the record's lead instrumental tease, than make sure you do so here.

3. Shows

We have no confirmed dates listed, but, that will change soon. This year we will bring the band to the Eastern US and to Western Europe. Canada stands to get a small whiff too.

Thanks for stopping by; We'll continue to give you news as it happens.

Void Union

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