Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Higher Guns Out Now on CD & LP

The latest album, Higher Guns, is now available on CD and LP from Music A.D.D. Records. Grab the CD + vinyl bundle for only $20. Featuring members of Fishbone, The Slackers, Westbound Train, Stubborn All-stars, Pressure Cooker and more!

CD track list:
1. Revenge
2. Aiming (feat. King Django & Obi Fernandez)
3. Fly-A-Me-Away (feat. Angelo Moore)
4. Garden of Eden (feat. Dave Hillyard & Haley Jane)
5. In Like Flynn
6. Tea Party Girl
7. Rock The Function (feat. Craig Akira Fujita)
8. Don't Trust Her
9. So Sad to Say (feat. Steve Borth)
10. Tobacco (feat. Ruby Rose Fox)
11. Judgement
12. Song for Lester
13. Higher Guns

Vinyl track list:
A1. Revenge
A2. Judgement
A3. In Like Flynn
A4. Song for Lester
A5. Higher Guns
B1. Aiming
B2. Tea Party Girl
B3. Rock The Function
B4. Garden of Eden
B5. Fly-A-Me-Away